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Josh Peter is a USA TODAY columnist who published the story titled Athletics, honor code and ... slurs: Queer athletes tell their story of competing for BYU

Peter joined The Andy Thompson Show to discuss the article.

On what first got him into the story...

"I was involved in the coverage of the BYU/Duke volleyball match and Rachel Richardson's allegations...and her claim that she was targeted with racial slurs...and in the midst of that coverage I read and learned about this back to school pride night gathering which BYU students were reported to have directed anti-gay slurs at those gathered to march...And I just began to wonder about another marginalized community and whether there were gay athletes at BYU and what their experience was like.

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On whether queer athletes at BYU have ground to stand on when complaining about honor code they signed up front...

"Surprisingly, I don't think everybody goes in there with a complete understanding of what they've signed up for. You're right, I think the university is pretty transparent when it comes to that...But I think it's certainly a student's prerogative to draw attention to something that they don't think is fair, regardless of where they are, BYU or UC-Berkeley or Colgate...

"In one case, the athlete wasn't clear about what they were getting into, but again it is incumbent upon the student to understand what the college is all about before they arrive."

On allowing one bad apple (the baseball player who allegedly yelled a slur) to indict the culture of the entire institution...

"It's hard to know. I didn't have a chance to talk to the baseball coach. I reached out to them multiple ways, and they said they got my request but...maybe so, bad apple? I only presented what I could gather.


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