There's a weird sociological phenomenon in life that I don't know that we'll ever really understand...

And it's that the person who is given the most by somebody ends up hating that person more than anybody else.

You hear it from parents all the time:

"Oh I gave this kid everything and paid for his car and helped him through school bought him a computer, paid his rent, did everything, and that's the kid who hates me. The other one's don't."

It's the kid who they gave the most too....

BUILT Bar is in the news because some BYU players anonymously told the Salt Lake Tribune, that they are upset that they didn't get any royalty money off of their Cougar Tail themed bar that BUILT Bar sold. They were told they would see some of the profits from the sales.

Now, nobody has given more to BYU football players over the last two years than BUILT Bar. They paid all walk-ons tuition. Nobody had ever done something like that before! They gave each scholarship player $1,000 dollars! They just gave it to them. BUILT Bar invested $1.25 million dollars in the players and program, but mostly directly to the players pockets.

Yet in the Salt Lake Tribune a few anonymous BYU players are mad, not at other less generous BYU sponsors, but at BUILT BAR! Because the players want their $83 dollar royalty check from a Cougar Tail bar that nobody ever wanted to eat! (guessing at the amount I'm sure it's tiny compared to what they've already been given)

So BUILT Bar is being dragged through the mud by the same players who they have given so much's just how it goes. 

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