In some democratic countries it's legal to go ahead and bag Bigfoot for a payday downtown if you can load the sucker into your truck. And some of the most schooled mercenaries in all of Idaho have taken crack after crack and still come home to a disappointed wife. And it seems that usually the big monster is either in SAG/AFTRA and he's doing some side work before he gets his big break in a Trident commercial or it's a teenager phishing for attention by scaring half of Deseret to death.

In my opinion, if Cain is in fact Bigfoot like the Old Testament implies, we should go ahead and stay inside. And if it's not Cain, some people say, "Well, heck it's a three day weekend." I'm in the first group.

There's a couple who was on a train in Colorado who looked out the window and got crappy footage of Bigfoot. Take a look:

Per Newsweek:

"Shannon Parker and her husband Stetson were riding on a popular train through Colorado when they spotted a bizarre figure moving through the mountains.

Alleged Bigfoot sightings and stories of a large, apelike creature aren't rare, although proof to back up the claims is usually nonexistent or limited at best. However, OutThere Colorado shared the video captured by the couple, and some people on social media believe it's the real deal."

Now some people say that looks just like Bigfoot. And they say that because they've seen Harry and the Hendersons and this guy looks just like Harry.

What do you think? Have any of you seen Bigfoot in Utah? Do you believe this crap?

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