Home Run Leaders (Stats from MaxPreps)

1. Sam Lindsey (Snow Canyon, Sr.) - 10 HR

Lindsey not only leads Region 10 in home runs, but the whole state. He's averaging a home run every 6.2 at bats!

Let's do some math.

When Barry Bonds broke the single season MLB home run record in 2001 he hit 73 home runs in 476 at bats. That's one home run every 6.5 at bats. Meaning, Lindsey is hitting bombs at a better clip than Bonds did in 2001.

Lindsey is slugging .983 and has 32 RBI on the year.

Lindsey has been a key hitter for the Warriors for three years.

2. (tie) Hayden Smith (Snow Canyon, Jr.) - 6 HR

Smith is a special player for a few of reasons...

a) He's a catcher who leads off. Who's the last catcher you can think of who was a leadoff hitter?

b) He's a leadoff man who can hit for power. Aside from the six home runs, he's slugging .782 and has 12 doubles.

c) He's an awesome catcher. Smith has 19 assists on the year for the Warriors.

2. (tie) Ryder Harrison (Snow Canyon, Jr.) - 6 HR

Harrison is hitting .474 on the year and has only struck out five times in 82 plate appearances. Those are Tony Gwynn type numbers. He also walks a ton, he has 20 walks in 22 games played. Awesome year so far for Harrison.

4. Brexten Starley (Crimson Cliffs, Sr.) - 5 HR

Starley can mash. He has 30 RBI on the season and a 1.409 OPS. It's a luxury to have a player who's that reliable as a defensive catcher who can also slug so well.

Others with 3 home runs:

5. Crew Secrist (Snow Canyon) - 3 HR

6. Talan Kelly (Snow Canyon) - 3 HR

7. Makaio Swensen (Snow Canyon) - 3 HR

8. Petey Soto (Crimson Cliffs) - 3 HR

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