This article first appeared on ESPN 97.7 May 13, 2022. It's a joke.

SNOW CANYON HEAD COACH REED SECRIST made UHSAA history yet again Thursday night in the 4A State Playoffs.

In the bottom of the fourth inning with nobody on base, Secrist stole home.

"The pitcher was going from the windup," Secrist-said. "He wasn't even acknowledging my existence over there...I had a monster lead."

The home crowd rose to their feet as Secrist, like a young Tris Speaker, broke for home as Logan's ace, Cody Kirk went into his windup.

"The key to stealing home is having no fear," Secrist said. "It's what I tell my players all the time. We're the defending champs, we have a target on our backs, so pull out all the stops and have the huevos to make a play."

The run extended Snow Canyon's lead to 15-7 over the 13th seed Grizzlies.

"I didn't know what the heck he was doing," said Coach Brandon Lyon.

"Grady Little tried that when I was with the Sox back in '03. Got his butt fired. Reed's an innovator though. That's why this program always seems to be a step ahead."

Snow Canyon went on to win the game 18-8 in 5 innings.

Logan's coach Michael Davies couldn't believe what happened.

"It was just a lack of awareness by our senior pitcher. The kid's a star but it was just a mental error. You can't allow the third base coach to get that big of a lead, especially a risk taker like Secrist."

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