Not to get all soap boxy on your heinies but I thought we had a code, frankly. And there are those who want to follow their own path and drive EV's and those that order pistachio ice cream but there was always a line.

And people who went to too much college always say: "have you ever been to San Clemente?"

And your aunt, who was always looking for trouble would say: "not everyone thinks that way."

But there was a general consensus among the God-fearing that, basically, people from California should be treated like "Sunshine" from Remember the Titans. Sure they're hot, but what's with the hairdo?

Which is why I was so taken aback by locals offering an olive branch to Californians. And saying "Look, your cash filled pockets might be driving up home costs at Desert Vista Canyon Cliffs and my nephew can't afford a home, but basically, we all hate Gavin Newsom, right? And look, it's not like you're from L.A. Let's meet at Angelica's and I'll introduce you to sweet pork."

In a post titled "Why is it Popular to Hate California?"

Several commenters shared their thoughts and many of them were in defense of Californians.

According to u/spoilerdudegetreckt

  1. "California is liberal and people see the influx of Californians as a threat to turn Utah blue.

  2. There is a debate about how responsible Californians moving here are for our high housing costs. Those that believe they shoulder most of the blame don't like them."

That's what I just said.

u/Big-Kiwi-2380 said:

"I’m from California and I wouldn’t want Utah change at all. Love it the way it is."

u/TransformandGrow said:

"Because it is easier to blame Californians for the housing crisis than to stop having 5-10 kids every generation and run out of places for them to live."

What has your experience been with new Californians in Utah?

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