In the land of the blind the midget is king. Or something.

The point is, Utah has the lowest excessive drinking rate in the country at 12.2 percent, so let's figure out which county within this dry state is the drunkest. The measurement we'll use is called the "excessive drinking metric" and it's some math equation that a bunch of squares who aren't cool enough to party came up with.

Per, the Centers for Disease Control says that:

"Excessive drinking, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, includes binge drinking, which is defined as four or more drinks on a single occasion for women and five or more for men, and heavy drinking, which is defined as eight or more drinks per week for women and 15 or more for men."

The state with the highest excessive drinking rate is Wisconsin with 24.2% and Madison is the highest city which is why the University of Wisconsin has the best crowd in college football. In fact, the drunkest cities in many states are the college football towns:

Lincoln, Nebraska (25%)

Columbus, Ohio (21%)

State College, Pennsylvania (24%)

But let's get back to Utah.

The county with the highest excessive drinking isn't Salt Lake County, but Summit County! Home of Park City, Coalville, Kamas and Oakley.

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There's nothing like drunk skiing.

And according to the report:

"The drunkest county in Utah is Summit. About 16.0% of adults there report excessive drinking, which ranks 2,116 among all 3,142 counties in the country."

Summit County is a beautiful place that gets more and more beautiful with every swig of Leinenkugel's.

The 10 Drunkest Towns In Colorado

The website Roadsnacks asks the question: Is there anything wrong with being called the drunkest city in your state?

According to Vinepair, when it comes to consuming beer, Colorado came in 18th in the nation for the year 2022. The site states Coloradans drank a total of 122.1 million gallons of beer last year.

If you were to break down the state town by town, which one is the "drunkest"?


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