3. Dixie 69 Salem Hills 61

Here's why the Dixie Flyers are getting the nod over Snow Canyon. The Flyers beat the pants off of Mountain View and Payson (average margin of victory 32 points) and beat Salem Hills by eight. Snow Canyon had a very impressive first week as well, but the numbers favor Dixie.

Kyle Lemke is a killer. In the opener he had 29 points against Mountain View and had he touched the ball every possession he could have scored 40 points. He then scored 32 against Payson on 14 of 17 shooting. His ability to spin either way, finish with either hand, and get his own misses is going to cause problems for opposing bigs all year. Plus, he and Jordan Roberts work like together like ballroom dancers. They run beautiful spontaneous plays in the half court that develop organically.

And the secret is out on John Southwick. Dead-eye three point shooter plus can jump out of the gym. Grant Carter is constantly deflecting passes on defense and generating points off turnovers.

Amazing opening week for the Flyers. Watch out for Farmington on Thursday. Should be an awesome challenge for Dixie.

2. Utah Tech 77 Weber State 65

Uh oh.

This is already happening? Crazy stretch for UTU athletics in general

Football team ends the season on a 3-1 tear, including a very impressive showing against BYU.

Women's hoops beats Utah State.

Men's hoops knocks-off Weber State on the road (after narrowly losing to Utah State in Logan).

I know Weber State seems a little down this year. Randy Rahe is gone, and a lot of their production from last year is gone too. But who cares. It's Weber State. Congrats to the Trailblazers on a program building, signature win.

1. Utah 47 USC 24

What a proud bunch of Ute fans in Las Vegas on Friday night. I think it's very surreal for them.

Here you have all of these USC fans walking around in their legendary Trojan uniforms (#3, #5, #11, #13 etc...) like the New York Yankees of College Football, and then you have the Utes, who have proven to be the premiere football program in the Pac 12 in the past few years, and they're ushering USC to the exits both of the stadium and of the conference. Here's a big "L" on your way to the Big Ten.

USC has one more year in the Pac 12 next year, and will be the favorite once again, but with the way the Utes have locked them down with Whittingham, should they be the default favorites?



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