There are three types of people in this world:

attachment-In N out map

1) Those that won't wait if the IN-N-OUT line is past America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses

2) Those that won't wait if the IN-N-OUT line is past Best Buy

3) Me

That said, here's my list:


Most IN-N-OUT drive thrus look like the video below.

It's 50 addicted saps waiting around the block to order their precious "double-double animal style, add chilis, animal fries and a chocolate shake instead of a drink."

In any language, the below picture gets me going...

IN-N-OUT moves volume. Must be a million cars a day. Smart employees. Never mess up an order.

Never get an order wrong. Easily my number three.

2. CHICK FIL-A (Bluff Street)

These guys deserve to be in the Olympics.

I'm convinced over 75% of Chick Fil-A employees will be U.S. Senators one day.

They have charm, patience, and giddy-up.

Chick Fil-A gets it. Multiple lanes. Send the employees to you.

No, it's MY pleasure.

1. JIMMY JOHN'S (Bluff Street)

I don't think there's a debate. Speed. Accuracy.

I get the other two restaurants may have more volume, but maybe it just looks like that because they process them slower? Jimmy's spits orders out every three seconds.


Culver's - I got a bunch of people saying Culver's. I love Culver's but they can't compete speed wise with my top 3.

Arctic Circle - Lime Rickey is the best drink on the market.

Del Taco - Only been once in the last decade. I'm told you're supposed to get the Del Burger.

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