Here's the bottom three districts in the state when it comes to spending money on students according to

And let me preface by saying that it's a weird phenomenon because New York public schools spend the most per student at $28,828 and I'm sure if we looked at test scores the districts in Utah would match up just fine.

Here are the lowest spending districts:

1. Washington County School District - St. George, UT ($7,139)

This is second lowest in the country! Amazing. This is the second lowest in the country.

2. Nebo School District - Spanish Fork, UT ($7,410) 

This is 6th lowest in the country.

3. Alpine School District - American Fork, UT ($7,531)

This is 9th lowest in the country

The overall lowest is Meridian County in Idaho.

The highest are all big cities like New York, Boston, and many others on the east coast in D.C. and New Jersey. Chicago suburbs are also high, over $20K.

Here's a comment from a Redditor: (link)

"It's weird to see Washington County so low. When I graduated in '18 I felt like my high school experience was very well funded. We had tons of electives, like metal working, wood shop, business, cooking the classrooms were large and had plenty of supplies. Now granted it was a brand new school but still I felt like they did a great job."

These were my thoughts.

I understand New York is a much more expensive market than Utah, but that doesn't account for everything. I'd think Utah has more family involvement in the kid's education and that helps with the state having to fund more programs for kid's who don't have support at home.

What else?

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