The whole "give an apple to your teacher" trend started back in the 1980's. The idea was basically that teachers needed nutrients and if every kid came to school with an apple that teacher could survive for much of the semester. (An apple contains 1 gram of protein, 25g carbs, 19g sugar and 3g fiber.) Now multiply that by 20 students or whatever.

These days, the state is actually required to pay most teachers in legal tender. Some states do it better than others. Utah ain't great, but here's the school districts that pay the best.

1. Park City School District

Average teacher salary $84,712

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All of those taxes that Robert Redford is paying are going directly to these teachers. Love to see it.

2. Salt Lake School District

Average teacher salary $79,038

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Straight cash homie.

3. Rich School District

Average teacher salary $73,838

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Spare the puns. We get it.

4. Granite School District

Average teacher salary $71,586

Those are the top four schools that pay over $70K.

Now the downside of being a teacher is you have to deal with kids. If you can get past that aspect of the job, then you've got it made. And you probably get some retirement or a pension fatter than Jimmy Hoffa's.

According to the Deseret News, eight Utah school districts are paying first-year teachers $60,000.

"Given record spending for public education by the Utah Legislature in recent years and local efforts by school districts to support educators who shouldered heavy burdens during and emerging from the pandemic, it is not wholly surprising Utah teacher salaries have increased significantly.

But to a large degree, salaries paid to Utah educators now outstrip their peers in neighboring states, most of which start in the $40,000 to $50,000 range. Denver Public Schools, for instance, starts teachers at $54,141, according to its salary schedule." (full article)

What do you think about teacher pay in Utah?

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