The Region Rush!

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9. LOGAN LEAVITT, Dixie Flyers


Love to see it. Leavitt has been very consistent at the plate all year for Coach Ipson and the Flyers.

8. SAM LINDSEY, Snow Canyon Warriors

Slammin' Sam!

Lindsey has eight home runs this year already and the week is young...

7. GRANT SCHOLZEN, Hurricane Tigers

This is text book. Watch him keep his hands back on the breaking ball and rope it the other way. Scholzen makes Tom Emanski proud every week.

7. (tie) CREW SECRIST, Snow Canyon Warriors

Secrist goes granny here against Hurricane. He's brought the pop this season for Snow Canyon and also leads the team in runs scored.

6. PARKER ANDRUS, Crimson Cliffs Mustangs

You don't wanna be a baseball in a dark alley and come across Andrus. This kid is a specimen. And he rocketed this one out of the park the other way. He looks like Jose Canseco in his prime.

5. MAKAIO SWENSEN, Snow Canyon Warriors

Another double for Swensen! Love his game. Awesome on the base paths. Leads the team in steals and a dangerous hitter to boot.

4. TYLER WEST, Crimson Cliffs Mustangs

If a West hit touches the grass in the outfield he's probably getting a triple. That's what happened here...

3. ANDREW SHAKESPEARE, Pine View Panthers

He's surgical at the plate if you come inside to him...

2. BROOKS ESPLIN, Snow Canyon Track

Esplin burns in the 100m and finishes on the podium for the Warriors.

1. LULU WEST, Desert Hills

Walkoff, and a pitched a perfect game?? Amazing.

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