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Tonight's Coverage:

Dixie at Snow Canyon 7pm - ESPN 97.7 and WATCH HERE

Cedar at Pine View 7pm - Fox Sports 101.9 / 99.1

9. KEALAH FAUMINA, Dixie Flyers

RJ Wright makes a beautiful whip swing pass to Ashby who drills the three. Hurricane battled Dixie on Friday and nearly beat Cedar on Wednesday but ended up losing 62-60.

8. KANYON DICKINSON, Pine View Panthers

Dickinson is shooting 41% from deep this year which is tremendous. Pine View is playing their best basketball of the year right now despite dropping games to Dixie and Snow Canyon. They'll have a shot in The Pit tonight get vengeance on Cedar who beat them at the buzzer a few weeks ago.

7. NIFAI ILOA, Hurricane Tigers

The big fella! From deep! Iloa just signed with Snow College last week to play football and is showing off his range in The Rush this week from downtown...


Albrecht does it all for the Reds. Shoots it. Steals it. Finishes. This play showcases his ability to convert transition buckets in traffic.

5. (tie) NATALIE OLSON, Snow Canyon Warriors & KAITLYN ANDRUS, Desert Hills

Bombs away. A lot of threes on this week's episode. These two teams could teach a course on ball movement. Very fun to watch.

4. ELI ALLRED, Desert Hills Thunder

This is a rude play by Allred. Just rips the ball away. He had the eye of the tiger in that game against Crimson.

3. SEAN FELTS, Crimson Cliffs Mustangs

Luke Johnson with a beautiful pick and roll on the wing with Felts who finishes with the slam!

2. KYLE LEMKE, Dixie Flyers

Jordan Roberts to Kyle Lemke is becoming Region 10's Gary Payton to Shawn Kemp.

1. OWEN MACKAY, Snow Canyon Warriors

Not just the slam, but the behind the back dribble in traffic. Big time welcome back game for Mackay after he had to sit out against Crimson.

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