When I was in college I took a comparative Literature course. And you'd show up supposed to have read something from the class before. Nobody would have read it. The professor would have nothing prepared except to ask us questions about the reading. But nobody had done the reading including me. So the class was a lot of long awkward silences where she would ask a question about the book and then everybody would look down at their desk.

This was a bad class the students were bad, the professor wasn't great because every class period was wasted. But she was still around the next semester and the next semester after that. It didn't matter how many bad classes she presided over. She was coming back.


It's about this time of year every year when I get ticked off about the argument that college football coaches get paid too much money. The implication is that the professors or administrators are the ones doing the serious work and should be making the big money.
Now set aside all of the obvious benefits that a successful coach brings to the school that justify his salary. The fact that these guys live on a razor's edge every year and are one bad season away from having to move their kids to a new town and start somewhere else is enough to never complain about how much they are paid. It's a tough life and they deserve every penny they get. The academics don't want that burden. And so they don't get as much money. College football coaches don't get tenure.
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