In the blink of an eye the regular season has come to an end for Utah 4A football. Region 9 wrapped up their schedule just last night on the 11th, and the rest of the teams up north will close out the season on the 13th. With the season under wraps, there remains a two-step process. Step number one involves anxiously awaiting the RPI rankings to drop this Saturday morning, the 14th, at 10 AM. Once we have this information, we can know every matchup and every potential matchup throughout the post season. Step number two is easy, its simply playing the games as they stand on the schedule. In order to play the games, you have to be aware of the location, and in high school sports the location can fluctuate based on opponents and time of the matchup. From home sites to neutral collegiate football stadiums different venues are implemented yearly and its essential that you know where to go!

Thankfully for Utah fans and parents the schedule is pretty cut and dry this year. According to the UHSAA’s official 4A Football championship bracket on, there are only two locations you need to know. Home sites will be utilized all the way up until the semifinals on November 9th. This means the first round of the playoffs, the second round, and even the quarterfinals will see the higher seeded football team play on their own turf. Home field advantage seems to be a major storyline, as higher seeded squads will get three beautiful weeks of little travel, large masses of supportive fans, and comfort through the postseason.

Once November 9th rolls around the remaining 4 teams will find themselves away from home to battle on a neutral playing field. This year sees the best of 4A duke it out at the University of Utah on Rice-Eccles stadium turf. This will remain the situation through the semifinals and the championship game itself, being held November 17th. So, lets recap.  Games will be played at the higher seeded teams home fields through the first three rounds, after which the University of Utah will host the semifinals and state championship game. I think we got it!

The Utah 4A state championship game hasn’t been played at the U since the 2021 season. That year would see the Semifinal games played at home sites, whereas 2019 was the last time the semifinal and championship games were played on Utah’s home football field. Last season witnessed the semifinals at Southern Utah University, and the state championship game at Utah Tech University.  Region 9 fans are likely to miss having the biggest football games of the season in their backyard, but many are excited to get back to the 45,634 capacity Rice Eccles Stadium for the big show.


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