About 50% of marriages in America end in divorce. And about 70% of second marriages end in divorce. And at every wedding there's a weird cousin or uncle in the back saying I give it 8 months and that's because almost half still end in divorce. 

At what point do you stop holding weddings. What if the divorce rate was 80%? What if it was 90%? Is there still a point to having a big wedding celebration and gifts and people traveling and all the pomp and circumstance if it's all gonna be over in a year?

This Wednesday is signing day across the country in college football. Everybody will put on a big celebration. You've got all of these big time commits. Signing documents and putting hats on and smiles will abound.

We got our future quarterback! Well the divorce rate for quarterbacks in college football is over 60%. Last year 64% of starting FBS quarterbacks were transfers.

According to The Athletic:

"A total of 538 FBS scholarship players put their name in the NCAA transfer portal on Monday. That’s an 18 percent increase from last year’s opening day of portal activity. But that group of players — 305 from Power 5 programs, 233 from the Group of 5 — doesn’t come close to measuring the magnitude on Monday." (The Athletic)

So get excited about signing day. Look at the star rankings of all of these new players, watch their youtube highlights, dream of them scoring TDs for your squad, just don’t get married to 'em.

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