There are those who say there's nothing worse than a college graduation.

And they say that because it's basically your whole Saturday down the drain, and it's like why are we celebrating so much over a kid who went to class three times a week and got a degree in some humanities nonsense?

But if it's an immediate blood relative you go and keep your whining to yourself.

The one redeeming quality of a graduation is if they get somebody you've heard of to give the commencement speech.

That's what Weber State has done.

Dwight Schrute from The Office is coming to Ogden.

According to reports, he's making $125,000 for his twenty minute speech.

According to KSL:

"Weber State public relations manager Bryan Magaña said while expensive, this serves a higher purpose. The choice to bring in Rainn Wilson doubles as advertising both for students and the university.

“[We want to] get more eyes on our graduates … Of course that gets more eyes on Weber State, which is a great thing because we want to show people that Weber State is a place where people can accomplish their college dream,” he said. “It’s [also] an opportunity to potentially recruit prospective students.”

A private donor is covering 70% of the fee. Magaña said they’ve been able to use some savings to cover the rest of the cost, so it’s not a burden for the school or students." (Link to full article)

What are your thoughts about schools shelling out this much cash for speakers?

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