There's no draft in college sports.

John Wooden won titles with Lew Alcindor, the best college player ever and then immediately got Bill Walton the next year. He didn't have to wait until the 30th pick in some draft to get who he wanted. He got the first pick every year.


Same with Saban. Saban gets the 1st through 10th pick every year in college football. For all the love I throw at Saban, he's won 7 titles because he has had the best players.

Kirby Smart has had the best players for the last few years. He basically coached NFL teams for his two championships. So as much as we laud these legendary college coaches and build statues of them and pay them 10 million a year, they win because they have the best players.


Which is why today, we've got to praise Jim Harbaugh.
Harbaugh has never had a top 5 recruiting class. All national champs in the college football playoff era have. Georgia had 15 5-star players last year, Harbaugh had two this year. Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, LSU have won with quarterbacks like CJ stroud, Bryce Young, Tua, Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence. Harbaugh won with a little game manager from Nazareth high in Illinois.
More than any other team in the college football playoff era, Michigan won this title because of its coach not because it had the best players. It's hard, but let's give some praise to the Michigan men. (I don't care about the sign stealing nonsense).
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