The NBA All-Star game is back in Salt Lake for the first time in 30 years.

Remember that game??

What a time to be alive...not just because the All-Star uniforms weren't completely hideous, but because the Jazz were on top of the world!

Now, with all of this going on and everybody having photoshop these days, it comes as no surprise stuff like this is going around:

I give them clever points for the Jerry West on top of the Temple bit.

The SL,UT joke has NEVER been done before so that's obviously very funny.

I actually like the real design with the note and the mountains. See here:

Meanwhile, the jerseys leave a little to be desired.

I get the climate concept. Utah has places where it's hot and places where it's cold. It's the same well that Utah Tech drew inspiration from for their UT logo. The top is blue and the bottom is arid. Just like the state.

I dig it. My only small qualm with the All-Star jerseys is they're too close to the Jazz city edition jerseys from the past.

These were beloved jerseys (that took a minute for people to like) but I don't like how the All-Star jersey is just a ripoff of this.

I miss the classic 90's All-Star jerseys, or back when the players just wore their own uniforms. One team would wear home jerseys the other team would wear away.


Also, these from 1988 and 2003

Keep it simple. Don't try and do too much.

And don't put Jerry West on top of the Salt Lake Temple.



Here are some slogans for the state of Utah that are more honest than the one we currently have.



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