A Utah mom decided to purchase a soda this afternoon according to multiple reports.


At around 12:32 p.m., Dana Farmer of St. George drove to Swig Drinks and bought a 32 oz. caffeinated beverage.

"It was like, a little after lunch I guess," Farmer said. "We actually had an early lunch because my 2-year-old got up super early this morning, like 4 a.m. early, and my husband literally didn't budge even though he knows I'm also feeding our newborn at least twice a night, so that left me scurrying down to get my toddler and I was up with him for like four hours and then we had mac and cheese around 11:30 a.m. and I was like, ok I'm dying, let's go get a drink."

Farmer's husband, Jon, was unaware that his wife would be going to Swig today.

"I got an alert on my phone of a charge that had been made at a little after noon, and it was like almost 10 dollars," Jon said. "I saw that the charge was from Swig, so I was like, really? 10 dollars? So I called my wife and she said, yes, she made a drink purchase but also got cookies, and I was like, wait a drink and cookie costs nearly 10 dollars? And she was like, 'yeah.'

Dana confirmed that the drink gave her immediate "will to live" and to finish the day and that on the drive home she even started singing along to the radio which was playing Morgan Wallen's "Last Night," but that when she got inside her house the caffeine had basically worn off but she still forced herself to fold some socks.

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