I hate all of the over-protective rules with kids now. Like playgrounds aren't even fun anymore because everything is so safe. The merry-go-rounds have a governor on it that makes it them go like one time around in a minute and a half. And teeter totters are lame. And you have to strap your kid in a NASA capsule to drive down the street. And I'm always complaining about how lame it is and how when I was a kid we rode in the back of a truck with a shell on it to Disneyland and all this stuff. And I'm always talking and my wife is rolling her eyes.

And then, recently we were with a couple who live in a small town and they were like "yeah just hold your kid we're gonna drive to dinner it's not far, a little highway, but..." and I was like "uhhhhh..."

This is how I felt last night watching the Lions. I am mister go for it. Never kick field goals. Go for it on fourth down every time. Don't be a coward. Let's go. And then Dan Campbell says "Ok! Yeah, I'm going to go for it every time just like you say!"

And I'm like, "Well don't you want to go up three possessions here with a field goal?"

"No, I'm gonna go for it."

The guy I've always dreamed of making the calls I've always wanted and here I am screaming at him:

"Put the kid in the car seat we're going 50 mph!!!"

Poor Dan. Poor Lions.

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