The wait is finally over! (For those who were waiting). Lagoon has opened Primordial to the public and it's been a long time coming. Lagoon started working on Primordial in 2015 and it's finally ready for the public.

Per Dark Ride Database: (full article here)

"The promising new Primordial semi-dark roller coaster combines in- and outdoor roller coaster sections with a 3D interactive dark ride, including a thrilling vertical drop. All of this is located around and inside a large mountain that was erected to house the ride. Once inside the mountain, guests face creepy creatures and finally need to battle a dragon with their interactive guns. A first POV is already posted online, and gives a clear impression of the ride."

According to u/iusedtostealbirds on Reddit:

"Rode last week. That outside portion you see is actually way more fun than it looks lol and all the stuff inside is really fun. There are some unique coaster elements that lagoon has never done before, and I personally hadn’t experienced on a coaster myself. I hope you enjoy it when it opens to the public!"

There are some skeptics:

"Lagoon keeps building half-assed roller coasters. It's too bad they won't save up and build a real one."

But according to some it's not half-assed at all. u/floatoldgoat said

"If you eventually ride it, you’ll see that this isn’t half-assed at all. You’re seeing only a very tiny portion of the experience, since most of the ride takes place inside the structure. This ride is pretty ambitious for lagoon."

Will you ride it?

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