We all know it ain't Payson.

So what is it?

Well according to 24wallst.com, the loneliest city in Utah is...

Salt Lake City.

Here are the stats they used:

  • One-person households, 2022: 23.0% (102,983 households)
  • Adults living alone out of adult civilian pop: 10.8% (#355 out of 385 metros)
  • 1-person household 65+ years: 6.9%, or 29.9% of one-person households
  • Monthly gross rent: $1,431 (#60 out of 385 metros)
  • Bachelor’s degree attainment rate: 37.9% (#93 out of 385 metros)
  • Median household income: $91,891 (#28 out of 385 metros)

Salt Lake is the only real metro in Utah so it makes sense that it's the loneliest.

The good news is Utah as a whole is one of the least loneliest states in the country.

According to Forbes,

"As for the least lonely state in America? That title goes to Utah, where more than half of Utahans identify with Mormonism. According to AgingInPlace.org, a prevalent Mormon culture likely contributes to the state’s low percentage of divorce and single-person households." (link to article)

The experts who looked into this say they think it's because of the high Mormon population and how a large percentage of citizens have a built in community where they can go and play basketball.

That makes sense to me.

The most lonely state in the country is Maine:

"Maine was found to be America’s loneliest state, with a loneliness score of 7.6 out of 10. Though one might figure the state’s small population of 1.3 million citizens makes for tight-knit communities, AgingInPlace suggests otherwise. With over 31% of households inhabited by singles, and 14% of residents divorced, Maine has a huge number of people living alone." (ABC4 full article)

What are your thoughts on loneliness? Let me know in the comments!

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