You know the thing that players always say in press conferences:

Georgia CFP National Championship Parade
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"THEY didn't believe in us!",

"THEY gave us no chance!",

"THEY didn't think I could be here!"

2022 Heisman Trophy Presentation
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And the kid is holding the trophy and we all collectively hate the THEY that the kid is referring to. How could THEY be so wrong about this kid? He's a champion! How dare they!

Well now, after the NFL draft, THEY need some credit.

And let me tell you who THEY are.

NFL Combine - Day 4
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They're the Balding 45 year old single guys in windbreakers with a clipboard and the stink of Arby's on their breath.


Specifically those that scout high school prospects.

2007 NFL Draft
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Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and Adam Schefter tell us about players who have been in Nick Saban's program for 3 years, who are 22 years old. Big deal.

I'm talking about the Scouts that we love to make fun of...the ones from 24/7, Rivals, and whatever other sites are out there.

These guys select 32 five star players in the whole country. And when they give a kid a five star rating they're saying he is going to be a first round NFL draft pick. They publish it for everybody to scrutinize.

These scouts went to a 5'10" 165 pound Bryce Young when he was 16 years old and had braces...

And the scouts said "You're going to be the first pick in the NFL draft in 3 years."

And he was.


And they hit 13-of-31 first round picks based on their 5-star ratings that they gave the kid when he was 16 or 17 years old! Remarkable.

So THEY, deserve our respect today, even though we hate them.

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