No dinking around risk

Jaren Hall has the maturity of a good position coach in the NFL. He's 25-years-old. The thing a lot of these guys who flop in the NFL have in common is bad mental maturity.

See: Johnny Manziel

Zach Wilson

Josh Rosen

Hall doesn't have any of that "entitled punk" or "I'm a frat bro you want to punch in the face" energy.

He's a guy who the whole Vikings locker room is going to like right away.

Who he beat

Hall beat Utah for the first time in 10 years for BYU. And he was the reason they won that game.

He beat USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Virginia, Washington State, Baylor, and Boise State.

That's a pretty decent list for an independent schedule.

Compare that to Zach Wilson...Tennessee, USC, Houston?

Even when BYU sucked, he was good

BYU stunk this past year, but Hall was mostly good.

He was the most consistent part of their team. He threw 31 TD and only 6 INT.

His worst game was against Notre Dame, and his numbers against Liberty were bad but other than that, in a really disappointing season, he wasn't the problem.

He's like if Russel Wilson had self-awareness

People like to compare him to Russell Wilson, because they have a similar build, are similarly mobile, and have a baseball background.

That's awesome, and I agree with the comparison. The only difference is Hall has self-awareness. Wilson's downfall has been how dorky he is and how his teammates hate him. Hall isn't going to have that problem.

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