Whether its dating, work related or family associated, no breakup ends smoothly.

Rarely is there an instance where both sides go separate ways wishing nothing but the best for the other party.

Some may say that’s what they want, but ugly jealously rears its head as soon as one of those people finds some happiness, some success, some purposes.

Its ok if the other side has those things, but just not before you find them first.

Utah Jazz fans had a major breakup last year with multiple longtime players, Rudy Gobert among them of course.

When Utah shipped Rudy to Minnesota for 5 players and 5 picks, many were calling it the most lopsided trade in NBA history.

The Jazz came out on the winning side, many even saying they “fleeced” the Wolves.

Utah’s rebuild was on the fast track and the future was bright due to Utah stepping out of that relationship.

Even later on in the season when Utah decided to trade “Mountain” Mike Conley to Minnesota, Utah fans looked at it as a pity move for a Wolves team that was struggling to live up to expectations.

Besides, the Jazz were in a hot fresh rebuild, they were doing Conley a solid by letting him walk. Its not you, its me.

Minnesota was in disarray, fights breaking out between the team on the sideline, petty comments and uninterested players ruled the roost in Wolves country.

With Rudy and Mike at the helm, Minnesota would sneak into the postseason via a last ditch win in the play-in game, before being dismantled by Denver in 5 games in the first round.

The Wolves experiment failed; Utah was the victorious side in the breakup. The Jazz got the praise, they got the support, they got the thumbs up from much of the NBA all while Minnesota looked the fool.

Despite the love of Conley and Gobert in Utah, it felt good to be the more successful side of the breakup, right? People consider your feelings and attitude about it before the other person and that’s pretty sweet.

But then things took a turn for the worst this season, Utah woke up, still not in a stable new relationship, still without a clear direction, and checked their Instagram. Utah’s exes were the new talk of the timeline.

Rudy Gobert and Mike Conley weren’t only winning, but thriving in Minneapolis, while Utah struggled to beat any team not named the Memphis Grizzlies. Minnesota looked hot, like they had been working on their beach body while the Jazz hadn’t touched a weight since the divorce.

The Jazz may have won the house, the car, the dog, but Minnesota now appears to be the one thriving.

The Wolves are 7-2 and have won 6 straight ball games including a win over in the bay last night.

Mike Conley and Rudy Gobert aren’t just winning with Minnesota, they are reason why Minnesota is winning. They didn’t attend the party your jealous of, they hosted it.

Gobert leads the rebounding effort with 12.8 while scoring 12.2 points per contest.

Conley is a main assist man while not turning the basketball over at all. His nearly 43 percentage mark from deep certainly helps on 4.4 tries a game.

Conley’s consistency leads the Wolves in offensive win shares.

Gobert’s revamped tenacity paces Minnesota in defensive win shares.

It took a year hiatus, but the Wolves seem like they are everything they wanted to be, while Utah waits patiently for their prince to come.

Minnesota isn’t just winning either, they are absolutely suffocating teams defensively which is a trend that goes beyond fools’ gold. The Wolves didn’t just find a hookup, this is a long-term deal that can last well into the depths of the season.

Utah hasn't held an opponent under 100 since April 10th, 2022. You know, when they had Rudy Gobert two seasons ago.

Only time will tell what side was the victor in this breakup. Afterall Utah’s possibilities still seem vaster, but Rudy Gobert, Mike Conley and Minnesota’s present seems a hell of a lot more fun.

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