Thanksgiving was invented back in the days when people wore neckties to the dinner table and ate the gizzards whole. And they would ask the young people at the table how school was going and the young people would say: "Basically everything but Chem I have B's." And the patriarch would stress about the moistness of his bird like he was on a gameshow where someone might yell at him. And there were those that watched the Lion's game and others who wanted to talk about Roosevelt's trustbusting and that's where it would get hairy.

Here are the top five arguments to have with the people who look like you this year.

#1 - Utah is going to win the Big 12 next year, and basically BYU stinks.

Utah v USC
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Each family has some of each fanbase in it.

Nothing will raise the adrenaline at the table more than talking about how bad BYU is this year or how Utah is overrated and has lost against all the good teams they've played.

Cincinnati v Brigham Young
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#2 - Café Rio is better than Durango's which is better than Costa Vida


Everyone in the family carries their flag. These arguments are most violent when you're on an empty stomach. Having a couple pounds of yams in you might take some of the fire out of it. Or at least we can hope.

#3 - Why aren't you working full-time Brian? You're not even going to school right now...


Basically, Brian isn't even taking courses this semester. Why doesn't he have a full-time job at this point in his life? He graduated high school two years ago and it just doesn't compute. Working eight hours a week at Crumbl might keep his parents off of his back but it's something that you can push him on over dinner.

Let me know if I missed anything in the comments...

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