How fun was watching Desert Hills alum Penei Sewell last night?

There's nothing like watching Aaron Rodgers lose at home with the playoffs on the line, but having Sewell be so integral to the process made it that much more enjoyable.

Here's Sewell getting out on a screen n' lateral:

Sewell is one of the most athletic tackles in the NFL and this play puts that all on display. He helps protect the initial receiver from a defender who is trying to screw-up the play, and then heads down field and blows up a defensive back. This play was crucial because it was 2nd and 17 and it made it third and short. The Lions never had to give Rodgers the ball back because of gutsy play calls like this by Dan Campbell, and great blocking by Sewell.

Then watch this down block earlier in the game that gave Jamaal Williams a walk-in touchdown and the Lions' single season rushing TD record:

I think Sewell personifies the kind of football and attitude that Dan Campbell is trying to instill in the entire roster. He's tough, he backs-up his teammates, always finishes plays and he roars after the game at cheeseheads which might be the most important thing:

And here he is protecting a teammate from earlier this year:

But maybe the play of the year for Sewell was the game sealing catch against the Vikings in December:

What a year for the Lions, even though they missed the postseason, and what a year for Sewell who is destined to be an all-pro in this league.

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