Coach Ryan Ball

"We're positively trending. I think that's a huge thing. I just think the guys have bought in. We're starting to play our best basketball at the right time.

And last night (win against Crimson Cliffs) was really, I think, the whole four quarter game that we finally put together. I want to see that continue to keep that momentum rolling. I think the sky's the limit for us. I think we can beat anyone that we play.

The bigs had an awesome game last night, Both of them. Yeah, I think our our bigs are really a big X-Factor for us. They've won us a few games just by their sheer dominance inside. But I mean, last night Owen Iloa got off to a really hot start, played really long size, and then Carter Campbell came in and I think won the game and he played Sean really well, played solid defense, had ten points, five rebounds, and he was really the X-Factor.

And every time we get that kind of effort from our bigs, it's really hard to beat us because it gives us an advantage inside that opens up things for Owen and our other shooters."

Owen Mackay

"You know, I think we're starting to buy into team play.

So everybody's getting comfortable where they're at and they're really buying in. It's a good thing.

Yeah, I mean, Pine View's a great team. You know, Nash is one of the best point guards in the region. You got Griffen, who's an incredible scorer and super athletic.

So I think we're confident going into the game and I think we match up really good against them."

Trey Kelsch

"I feel like we're all coming together for sure. We're all sharing the ball just as much as we want to get it. And it's all come together for a place actually at the end of the season that’s where we want to be."

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