Here's a list of things I learned at Media Day yesterday:

1. Rick Berry singlehandedly beat Brighton when he was a player at Skyline back in the…well the year isn’t important. He literally had three interceptions in a shutout victory over the Bengals. Don't think they have forgotten that, Thunder. This is a vengeance game against Brighton on Thursday night.

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2. This may be the most talented year in Region 10 maybe ever when it comes to hair. Stewart Taufa won coolest hair but let’s not forget Lincoln Holmes (DHills), Rio Ochoa (SCHS), Treven Alldredge (Dixie), Noah Fuailetolo (DHills), Mahonri Tunaunaipia (HHS) and Abe Rosenlund (PVHS).

It was like being at a Poison concert.

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3. Cedar renewed their membership at Planet Fitness over the summer. The Reds look strong. They also have Koden Lunt at QB (got a little Kenny Stabler in him) and Conner Hardman who caught about 50 passes last year. Bryson Bennett is tough as nails in the middle of the defense too. 

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4. Hurricane has awesome new matte red helmets. I love those. Coach Ashby was bullish on the Tigers’ new offensive coordinator Carl Franke. I am excited to see what they have in store this year on offense. I think they could have two wins before region play (Moapa Valley and Timpanogos) and with a receiving corps that includes Nifai Iloa who is a power forward who can leap, Carter Ashby who is a joystick slot, and RJ Wright who comes down with everything, this could be a record setting year for the Tigers’ aerial attack.

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5. This year really is different for Dixie.

Andy Griffin said to Coach Monkres “it seems like every three years you start a new [quarterback] and they build up and get better and better and then by their senior year they’re superstars.” 

Coach Monkers responded by saying “this is the first year that’s not going to happen.” 

Monkres went on to explain that this year the quarterback position will be by committee, at least to begin the season, with Seth Takau and Jalen Schultz.

Dixie might be underdogs in two of their first three games. Springville is big and good and so is Riverton. They lost both of those match-ups last year but it didn’t keep them from going to the state title. 

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Stay tuned for part 2...

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