Nevadans get ticked-off when you pronounce the state's name incorrectly but I can never remember which way is the one that gets them upset.

Nevada is a great state with two bad football teams.

Nevada is bigger than the whole United Kingdom. (Why did we ever think we had to listen to those losers?)


Ooooo, Colorado you're so with it.

Ohhhhh, yeah, Patagonia vest.

Wow, Asssspen, great.

Ohh, one of those backpacks that you hike with that has a hose coming out of it, wowwww.


Arizona apparently has the best pizza in the country. I saw it on Netflix. It's a guy with asthma.

Arizona is where David Spade is from, one of America's greatest living actors.

Arizona's flag is yellow and red and blue probably.


People say Idaho is a state you go to hide when Red Sox fans are trying to find you.

Idaho, you could probably get a house there for cheaper than here and it'd probably have .75 acres or something.

Idaho used to produce a chip called "O'Boises" that was great.


Wyoming seems higher?

Wyoming is beautiful on the east side or the west side of the state? I can never remember.

Wyoming lets you drive like the autobahn.


New Mexico

New Mexico has a green chili cheese burger in Albuquerque that'd bring a grown man to his knees.

Everyone's a Lobo, clap clap clap.

New Mexico is where that kid from the Newsies was always bitching about.

That's all I've got. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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