People say TV is a writers' medium.

The writers are the one's who wield the power not the actors. The writers made The Simpsons a 30 year dynasty. The writers wrote every word that the actors on The Office said. Breaking Bad writers made hay because it wasn't like a movie where you got one shot, and needed one good plot, you needed a great story every week. That's big pressure and those that can do it get paid a lot of money.

Movies are a directors medium. Who wrote Jaws? Who knows or cares. It's Spielberg's movie. Movies are about visuals and effects. Directors are king in movies.

College football is a Coaches Medium.

If you get Lincoln Riley, you win 10 games in year one. You get Urban Meyer, you win 11 games (unless you're the Jaguars). You get Brian Kelly at LSU, you win the SEC West in year one.

Coaches in College football do everything. They shop for the groceries, they market the program, they call the plays, they sculpt the facilities, they raise the money. NFL coaches don't do any of that. Pro coaches last for three years and then it's onto the next one. The GM is the one making the draft picks, the team president makes the facility and stadium decisions, and the marketing department does the rest. College football is about coaches. And BYU just got themselves a huge splashy coach and paid him reportedly $1 MILLION dollars. Wow. BYU never pays money like that to assistants! I never thought they could pull it off. In college football, you get the coach first, everything else follows suit.

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