ESPN put out its list of the top 75 quarterbacks in college football since the year 2000.

The list screwed up a few of times.

First screw-up:

Baker Mayfield is listed as the best quarterback on the list (Lol)

Mayfield never won a national championship and racked up big stats in the no-defense Big 12.

We all understand that.

Plus he was a world class pie-hole.

Second screw-up:

Tim Tebow should have been listed #1.

Tebow won a national title as a freshman, albeit not the starter but a contributor including in the national championship game.

Tebow won the Heisman his sophomore year.

Tebow won another national title his junior year.

He almost went undefeated his senior year but couldn't beat Saban.

Forget about the bad NFL career, shouldn't effect him on this list.

Third screw-up:

Alex Smith is listed #40 on the list.

Here's what ESPN says about Smith:

40. Alex Smith, Utah
Years: 2002-04
Stats: 5,203 passing yards, 66% completion rate, 47 TD, 8 INT, 1,072 rushing yards, 15 rushing TD

Smith was a steady, safe option for a defense-heavy Utah team in 2003, but in 2004 he became the perfect vessel for the Urban Meyer offense, leading the Utes to an unbeaten season, finishing fourth in the Heisman voting and flashing enough potential to go No. 1 in the 2005 draft.

Here's my one issue. Had Smith played anybody BUT Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl in 2004, he would be top 20. That Utah team smoked Pitt and I wish they had a chance to play a more prestigious school (like USC) and Smith could have vaulted himself higher. You beat Pitt and nobody cares.

Zach Wilson finished at #63. 

This is a semi-screw-up.

I think Max Hall deserves to be on the list for BYU. He was 2-1 against Utah. He beat a bunch of power 5 schools (including Oklahoma) and had good stats. Zach Wilson had one great COVID year against mild competition. Hall might deserve it more...

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