Will Mark Madsen be the coach at BYU within the next three years?

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Madsen is 2-1 against BYU since he took over at UVU and is on the precipice of leading the Wolverines to the NCAA Tournament if he can make it out of WAC Vegas.

He's won the conference three times and has a lot of BYU fans wondering "what if..."

Madsen has no ties to BYU. He grew up in California and went to Stanford. He's coached in the NBA and might get better offers from around the country after this season.

Does he put a priority on staying in Utah? Maybe.

A decent contingent of BYU fans have turned on Pope. The Cougars have finished lower and lower every year over the past four years in the NET.

It's going to be a long couple of years in the BIG 12 which is clearly the best conference in the country right now and let's say after the second year in the conference BYU is below .500 and not making post season tournaments...will they move on from Pope? And if so, will Madsen be available and/or willing?

Spite is a powerful thing and Madsen might have some of that in his belly after BYU didn't choose him the first go around.

He could choose to stay in the mid-major world and maybe have a better chance at making the tournament every year in the WAC than trying to finish in the top six or seven in the BIG 12.

We'll see if the Wolverines can get to the dance this year. They play Tarleton on Thursday night in the WAC tournament in Vegas.

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