I remember at the ESPY’s in 1998 Norm McDonald made fun of Michael Jordan. 

McDonald was making fun of everybody from Peyton Manning to Al Michaels and everybody was having a good time until the end when he took a shot at MJ.

He was talking about Jordan retiring and he says: “Michael Jordan has already called the hall of fame to make sure his plaque bears his basketball nickname 'Air Jordan' and not his baseball nickname 'Señor Crappy.'”

The crowd freezes. They don't know quite what to do. Some are gasping for air. They’re all like, who’s this weird comedian who just openly mocked the Godfather? The Brand! And a guy who doesn't have a sense of humor about himself.  This is uncomfortable. It seems almost sacrilegious! Nobody mocks Jordan.

This is how BYU reacted this weekend. They were hosting Texas and few students lined up in the front row in t-shirts that read “Horns Down.” 

BYU panicked! They made the students change their shirts. Oh my gosh! You can't mock Texas! That's the sacred cow of college sports. Horns down is sacrilegious! It’s offensive! 

It is? Why?? Why are you kowtowing to Texas because they're overly sensitive and have no sense of humor. This is all the more reason to mock them!

Coach Pope said after the game:

“That’s just not us,” Pope told reporters. “That’s not how we roll, just a miscalculation on a couple of eager kids — which we love the eagerness of these fans. But that’s not what we do here. … Just so you know, that’s not something we’re supporting.”

I'm supporting it. Horns down. Horns down forever.

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