When Steph Curry was drafted by Golden State in 2009 the franchise was worth 430 Million dollars.

This week they were valued at 6 billion dollars.


That makes them the second most valuable NBA franchise, according to Sportico. One skinny kid from Davidson, who you accidentally hit on in the draft and now your franchise is worth more than the Los Angeles Lakers. The Golden State Warriors, who no one ever cared about. Wilt scored a 100. Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway were fun. That's what ya got. Nobody cared. You draft the greatest shooter to ever live (on a whim!) and now you're worth 6 billion and Curry should have a statue outside the stadium. Not after he retires, now. Some teams have that one guy who they can point to. The Lakers have 10 guys, the Cowboys have 4-5 guys, but the Warriors have one guy.

Here's who else has one guy...Utah State Football. The Aggies started playing football in 1912. For 100 years they won one bowl game. In 1994 they beat Ball State in the Las Vegas bowl. 100 years one bowl game win. The Aggies were irrelevant. Here are their win totals this century starting in 2000. 3,3,3,1,2,3,4,4. And then THAT GUY showed up. In 2012 Gary Andersen won 11 games! In the previous 30 years nobody had won 8 games at utah state. Anderson wins 11 games and wins a bowl game. And off we go! The coach after him, Matt Wells, won 10 games twice! Nobody had ever won 10 games at USU. And last year, Blake Anderson won 11 games. Utah State football is thriving, the university has new buildings popping up all over the place, they have a new U-State brand, students line up hours before games to get seats, their co-eds are prettier, their male students are more confident, and Fall Saturdays in Logan are like Camp Randall. And it can all be traced to one guy. And even though he lost it, and came back and was terrible, give that man a statue Utah State. He's your Steph Curry.

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