It’s officially hotter than Jalisco in Southern Utah which can only mean one thing…it’s time to start playing high school football!

Desert Hills, the defending Region 10 Champ, kicks-off the season on Thursday, August 11th at Brighton. 

Head coach Rick Berry turned the program around in one year. Everybody knew he'd be good, but winning region in year one was pretty remarkable.

Here are my thoughts about the Thunder:

The Towering Brothers Taufa

Offensive tackle Stewart Taufa is a grown man who can’t get into a rated R movie. He just got back from a camp at Baylor University and will have his pick of where to play next level football when the time comes. He’s ferociously impolite in the trenches but when asked to do something by his coaches he answers with “yes sir.”

Ocean Taufa, the younger of the two, likes to speed-rush from a 2-point stance and smiles a lot. He will be hard to block this year.

Remember the Tyden

Running back Tyden Morris runs like “Ralphie” the mascot for the University of Colorado. Linebackers trying to tackle Morris should be required to wear seatbelts. 

And I may have buried the lead…the Thunder also have Kona Crowell this year who ran the ball for Crimson Cliffs last season. That’s quite a combo.

Noah and Lincoln

Quarterback Noah Fuailetolo is super smart, has great leadership ability, and threw for a million yards last year. He won the ESPN 97.7FM Region Rushdie QB of the Year Trophy and looks like A.C. Slater. The kid has a bright future.

Lincoln Holmes is one of the best athletes in Region 10. He ran around defenses like Tyreek Hill last year plus he can hit people (and three pointers).

The Thunder lost leaders like Awsten Turnbow and Eric Olsen from last year, so Holmes and Fuailetolo are the veterans Coach Berry will rely on this year for leadership. 

For more on Desert Hills tune in to Region 10 Media Day on Monday August 8th at 3PM on ESPN 97.7FM

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