Curious Markings in Utah 

There is a weird looking place in the Utah desert that people have found when scanning Google Earth. They are markings lined up as if it were writing. Zooming in closer, it seems to be clusters of shrubs. 



The weird part is the order of them and that they are surrounded by white space where few plants are growing. What made these marks in the desert? It is hard to believe they are natural formations. 

If you want to see them on Google you can put these coordinates in the search area: 40°15'57.7"N 112°22'22.5"W

Located Down from Toole 

The nearest town is South Rim which I have never heard of and then Stockton on the way to Toole. This could have something to do with the Toole Army Depot as an area nearby looks like a field with some kind of bunker complex. 

There must be a reason the plants grew in a way to make these strange shapes. Asking others at the radio station about it, some felt it was an alien script, though they wouldn’t interpret it for me. 

Google Canva
Google Canva

Looks Like Chromosomes 

I think it looks like the pictures you see of DNA and the chromosome structure. Maybe this is the earth’s code shining through the crust. Then again, maybe they dumped fertilizer from an airplane and inspired the growth. 

If anyone is from the area and has been there, it would be cool to get some on the ground pictures. Of course, it also could be on private or government land without access.

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I think you could probably get close enough to take a picture. If it was something top secret, they would have blurred it out on Google. 

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