ESPN 97.7 presents the Kyle Whittingham Coaches Show every Tuesday at 6pm this season. ESPN 97.7 in conjunction with Utah Utes Sports Network will be broadcasting all Ute football games this year in Southern Utah.

Coach Whittingham will discuss the Utes' season opener against the Florida Gators which will be broadcast Thursday August 31st with coverage starting at 4 p.m. on ESPN 97.7

Coach Whittingham is going into his 19th year as coach of Utah and is one of the most tenured and respected coaches in the country.

Whittingham returns both of his coordinators this year, Morgan Scalley on defense and Andy Ludwig on offense.

Here's what Coach Scalley had to say about the defense per a press release by Utah Football: (full article here)

Morgan Scalley | Defensive Coordinator/Safeties

On the overall state of the defense…

"I feel good. Fall camp's not easy here. It's a grinder physically, mentally and emotionally, particularly for the young guys who haven't been part of the program before. The thing that I love is that guys fought through it. You've got dings, nicks, bruises, but the bottom line is everyone does. I'm proud of our guys; they fought through and created some depth that we needed. Excited to get started on the Gators."

Did you feel you needed to be more physical this camp than last year?

"Definitely felt like we needed to tackle more. You look at the missed tackles in Game 1 (last season), you're going up some pretty good dudes…that's not going to change, (Florida's) going to be good this year too. We definitely felt, looking at that first game last year, that we were not prepared enough for full-speed tackling. We got enough in this year."

Utah's defense has consistently been at or near the top of the PAC 12.

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