Tom Brady needs no introduction, but let me give you a brief one.

Some small Accolades via Brianna Dix of include:

“In his 23 NFL seasons has been selected to the Pro Bowl a record-15 times. He's a three-time 1st-Team All-Pro selected, three-time AP MVP and a seven-time Super Bowl Champion, which is not only the most of any player, but it's also more than any franchise.

Tom Brady ranks first all-time in:

  • Wins: 251
  • Pro Bowls: 15
  • Super Bowl MVP Awards: 5
  • Completions: 7,753
  • Attempts: 12,050
  • Passing Yards: 89,214
  • Passing Touchdowns: 649

In the postseason, he leads in:

  • Appearances (season): 20
  • Games Started: 48
  • Wins: 35
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 10
  • Super Bowl Wins: 7
  • Completions: 1,200
  • Passing Yards: 13,400
  • Passing Touchdowns: 88
  • Game-Winning Drives: 14
  • Fourth-Quarter Comebacks: 9

Yet, despite all that greatness, after spending years and years defining football for many, Tom Brady went the way of most retired athletes by taking shots at the current iteration of the product.

As required by all former players, Brady went on a “back in my day, old man yells at cloud” tirade while appearing on the Stephen A. Smith show.

Brady couldn’t event wait a full year before ripping on the current development of players, the coaching itself, and the product as a whole which was defined by Tom as “a lot of mediocrity.”

Brady makes some valid points in his rant, and many fans are bound to take his side when it comes to how the NFL disciplines and restricts defensive players in favor of offensive players. It’s an argument that’s existed for some time, and Tom validates it more so.

The irony isn’t that Brady is calling out the current on field product here, as it does deserve to be called out half the time. The irony lies within Tom Brady bashing on a watered-down version of the NFL that he thrived in for years.

Enter former Utah Utes quarterback and 16-year pro, Alex Smith who was of a similar mindset.

On Sunday NFL Countdown, Smith was asked how he felt about Tom Brady’s comments on the matter.

In the face of two of Tom’s former teammates and a former coach of two of Tom’s rival teams, Smith had this to say:

Despite some mixed reactions from his fellow panelist, many find Smith’s words to carry weight.

Tom can be right about a slowly degrading NFL, and Smith could be right in calling out Tom for profiting off a league he discredits currently.

What side are you on?

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