By Andy Hostetler

Alright, let’s get right to it…

Whoa Nelly! DHills…I’m speechless —Darren, St. George, UT

Tell me about it, Darren.

I want to point out a couple things from the Thunder’s gutsy comeback against Cedar Valley.

1 - Big double nickel Tamatasi Sauta #55. In the first half the Aviators had a field day running inside zone plays right into the teeth of the Thunder defense. That’s why they had a 21-0 lead at halftime. Then in the second half Cedar Valley couldn’t go anywhere. Coach Berry and the defensive coaching staff deserve credit for making an adjustment that changed the game, but the man in the middle, Sauta, was incredible. Nobody could move him. He was a terror in the backfield and he controlled the A-gap and forced Cedar Valley to have to throw.

2 - Tyden Morris brought the crowd to their feet in the third quarter. The Thunder was getting beat up. It was clear Cedar Valley was playing with spite in their hearts from last year’s game where they lost 38-7, and were dominating the game. Tyden Morris changed the game in one play as a blocker. Morris peeled back on a sweep and sent an Aviator lineman into the bleachers. It was like when Rocky finally lands a haymaker on Drago and the whole fight changes. The Thunder went on to score that drive and the comeback was on.

Watch this block!

Which game surprised you the most? —Kendra, Santa Clara, UT

Dixie and Riverton. We have to remember, this isn’t your dad’s Riverton team. This is a team that beat Herriman and Bingham last year. I know Dixie played them to a 3 point game last season, but Riverton is a big old tough team and Dixie shut ‘em down. I think it speaks to how Dixie gets better week to week, and how legitimately special Springville is this year (they beat Skyline 45-17 in week 2).

Who gets game balls this week? —Krace, St. George, UT

Great question.

DHills - Besides the guys already mentioned, I give the game ball to Hunter Clark (DB #2) He forced a fumble in overtime, locked down big receivers all night and helped on run plays. The secondary as a whole was awesome but Clark gets my game ball.

Dixie - Jacob Dombroski (LB #38) He had 16 tackles and 2 TFL. He and Treven Alldredge helped keep Riverton’s feature back Luke Perry to under 4 yards per carry.

Hurricane - RJ Wright (WR #5) He’s back…6 catches 129 yards including a 75 yard touchdown.

Snow Canyon - Makaio Swensen (LB #5) He had six tackles, a sack and an interception. Watch this play! The Warriors held Arbor View to 7 completions all game. Amazing.

Crimson Cliffs - Mason Topalian (RB #21) Rushed for 136 yards on 4 carries? Check out this 93 yarder:

Cedar - Ammon York (DB #16) Pick six in 3Q to give Cedar a lead.

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