By Andy Hostetler (No relation to former NY Giants superstar Jeff Hostetler, just similar hair and mustache)

St. George, Ut. — Region 10 is 3-4 after week one. Time to answer the big questions. Text Monday Morning Hostetler at 435-900-3776. As always, these are fake letters (until we get some real ones).

I wasn’t at the Dixie game, just saw the score. Should Dixie fans be worried or is it the same deal as last year? (John Merkin. La Verkin, UT)

Thanks for writing, John. Here’s a couple reasons why Dixie fans shouldn’t be worried. One, Springville is a state champ caliber team again this year in 5A. They have 6-7 really special players and size everywhere. Ryder Burton is a fine QB, but he didn’t have to do a lot. Springville’s offense is like watching Barry Alvarez’s old Wisconsin teams. They line up in the I-formation and run right at you with Ron Dayne 40 times (or in the case of Springville it was Tevita Valeti). Valeti had a fullback and pulling linemen ushering him down the field almost every play. Springville was very impressive.

The second reason Dixie fans shouldn’t be worried is because last year they lost to Springville by more, 41-10. The difference this year is obvious. Dixie doesn’t have Bronson Barben. It was a struggle for Dixie to move the ball. Jalen Schultz threw two beautiful deep passes that went up into the clouds and fell beautifully into the mitts of Blake Watson and then Jaxon Barben. But there were several more routine passes that I’m sure he’d love to have back. I think, like always, the offense will look better in week two. 

Which region 10 team’s offense looked the best besides Snow Canyon or Desert Hills? (Burt Bondie. St. George, UT)

You eliminated the two easy choices. The other five schools combined for 5.4 points per game but against good teams. All five were underdogs in their games according to Parry’s Power Guide.

But I’ll go with Crimson Cliffs. Dixie scored more points but had a special teams TD. Steele Barben (Crimson Cliffs, QB) threw for over 200 yards and had a nice TD pass to Konner Kell. It was a defensive struggle type game. Crimson held Green Canyon, who everybody thinks is the class of Region 11 this year, to three points which is an amazing feat.

(Varsity Sports TV)
(Varsity Sports TV)

Who had the most underrated performance in Desert Hills win over Brighton? (Kendra Cole. St. George, UT)

I’m going with the 9th grader. Defensive end Ocean Taufa. He kept his edge pretty locked down all night. Collapsed well on interior run plays and was disciplined on the Bengals’ zone reads. Plus by the time he graduates high school most of us will be dead. Very impressive young guy.

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