ESPN+ is releasing a new investigative documentary about the 2018 murder of Utah Student athlete Lauren McCluskey.

The documentary is supposed to bring forth a lot of new material that wasn't known at the time of the event or trial.

McCluskey was a a track and field athlete at the University of Utah when she was shot and killed by on campus by Melvin Rowland. The two had been in a relationship.

The documentary, according to an ESPN press release:

...exposes vast institutional failure, ESPN explores McCluskey’s life, death, and her parents’ quest for answers. ESPN and 20/20 will bring the investigation to viewers and readers in multiple ways: LISTEN will debut on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN+ and ESPN+ on Hulu, and will be the focus of a two-hour 20/20 report on Friday, March 31, at 9 p.m. on ABC, anchored by David Muir.

According to a report from ABC4 News, the University of Utah is anticipating "renewed criticism" about its handling of the McCluskey murder. President Taylor Randall was quoted in the story saying:

“The university has acknowledged that it did not respond to Lauren’s needs correctly and has made significant progress, including putting in place a series of safety improvements recommended after her death,” said Randall. “We have also committed to continue doing better. As I noted at the U’s Campus Safety Conference on March 2, the university has worked to regain the McCluskey family’s trust. Together, we will gather, study and implement the best, victim-informed safety practices and work to prevent violence going forward.”

The documentary premieres on March 28th on ESPN+.

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