There are those who basically say: "look, I'm not trying to be on my feet all day."

And then there's others who say: "I hate talking on the phone."

So it's a pick your poison scenario if you're trying to get a job at one of the biggest employers in Utah.

According to, the largest employer in Utah is Teleperformance USA.

That's right, Telemarketing!

1. Teleperformance USA

It has over 300,000 employees around the country and is headquartered in Murray, Utah.

"With a diverse staff demographic consisting of 64.7% female employees and 39.1% ethnic minorities, Teleperformance USA stands out as an industry leader. Headquartered in Utah, the company boasts 300,000 employees and generates an annual revenue of $5.3 billion." (Zippia)

2. Super Value Inc.

This is the grocery distribution centers and stores.

"The average employee at Super Value Inc. makes $35,087 per year. Pay at Super Value Inc. is significantly lower than some of its highest paying competitors, like HessMurphy Oil, and Hollingsworth Oil Co. Inc., which pay $54,178, $52,605, and $51,519, respectively.

Super Value Inc. is an industry leader with 121,000 employees that is headquartered in Utah." (Zippia)
3. Intermountain Healthcare
Yes! I think this is the group that employs the most Utahns.
"Intermountain Healthcare is a healthcare company focusing on hospital services, physician clinics, and health insurance plans. Since its founding in 1975, this Salt Lake City-based nonprofit organization has grown into a prominent health system in the Intermountain West region. With 22 hospitals and over 185 clinics, Intermountain Healthcare serves the needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho residents through its Intermountain Medical Group, providing primary and secondary care by around 1,100 employed physicians." (Zippia)

Others in the top ten include BYU, Smith's, and Skywest.

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