The NLCS moves onward as we continue the quest to crown a MLB champion.

The Texas showdown between the Astros and Rangers is getting spicy after the Astros struck in Arlington by hanging 8 runs to make it a 2-1 Rangers series lead.

The Other side of the bracket featuring Arizona and Philadelphia is a bit less appealing at this moment in time.

The fighting Phillies are entering game 3 having ripped off 10 runs against the Snakes at the bank.

70 of the 19 postseason homers have been courtesy of the Phil’s bats.

They’ve been red hot and could nearly extinguish the D-backs in today’s game 3 matchup with a win.

Arizona is hoping for some home field cooking and to make it a series.

For Utah, the series coming to Phoenix is the closest hardcore baseball fans will get to experiencing the postseason as it stands.

Game 3 isn’t an option but fans have a chance to get down to game 4, which could be the very last chance for Utah fans to have a game within driving distance.

During distance?? That’s absurd you say?

It isn’t really though compared to what Utahns typically like to travel for.

Phoenix is slightly under 7 hours from St. George itself.

Bear Lake is about twenty minutes over six hours from St. George.

Disneyland, Utah’s golden vacation spot, is six hours away from St. George.

Huntington Beach for you sunbathers is 6 hours and 16 minutes away itself.

If you’re a Salt Lake City resident, a trip to Las Vegas is a 6 plus hour jaunt to see Sin City.

Point being, you can go see a playoff baseball game by traveling practically the same amount of distance as your neighbor who goes to Disneyland every two months.

Not to mention, tickets to game 4 are currently as low as 39 dollars for this Friday, which is as little cost as you’ll find in the postseason.

If Arizona can win today or tomorrow you could even make a Game 5 trip as part of your weekend plans.

Don’t delay, act now, and make the drive to sunny Phoenix, Arizona for your baseball fix!

Or just watch it on TV.

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