Snow Canyon camp was, as the kids say: “bumpin.”

The Warriors come into 2022 with super high expectations. Mainly because this class of seniors isn’t used to losing (they famously went undefeated in youth football from the time they were zygotes through the 8th grade).

Here are my thoughts on Snow Canyon this year:

Hunter: Touchdown Gatherer. Now in Theaters!

Hunter Johnson hates being interviewed. I had to get two of his offensive linemen to drag him over so I could point my camera at him and ask questions. He’s ultra humble and seems like a kid who would be very easy to coach. We know he can wing it and runs like a young Ronnie Bass (he also has hair kind of like Bass but needs to commit more fully to his stache). Johnson is a big reason why Snow Canyon is probably going to be picked in everybody’s top 2 in preseason polls.

Best Name for a Linebacker in Region?

Rockwell Jones. I wish I had a son named Rockwell Jones who played football as good as Rockwell Jones and hit people as hard as Rockwell Jones. He comes downhill on run plays with the fury of an Angus bull. What a stud.

Brooks, Jake, Will and on and on…

The Warriors return a ton of skill players. Brooks Esplin is a leader and he can do everything on the field, catch, run, hit, intercept, lead...he might even be able to talk a little trash but can't confirm.

Jake Hill lives to “Moss” people. He looks taller and faster than last year and if there’s a ball in the air he’ll pluck it. I bet he dominated 500 at recess.

Will Warner needs an award. He plays 10 sports a year and is awesome at all of them. 

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Media Day Agenda:

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