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We all love Andy Reid, but how awesome would it be to see Fabio Jr. get another upset playoff win and then hit up the Kansas City Waffle House? (Does Kansas City have Waffle Houses?)

Ok, so yes. I've never been to a Waffle House. I'd kill to go one day when I hit it big.

GIANTS at EAGLES (-7.5) 


Danny F. Dimes out dueled Captain Kirk in week one, but most importantly, one of his dumb lineman didn't jump offsides on a fourth and one, while Kirk's dumb lineman did. No offense to any dumb linemen out there.

Daniel Jones got the sneak in, and Kirk didn't get the chance.

The Eagles have Covey, so there's a reason to cheer for the Birds. I think even BYU fans like Covey. He's been hit and miss as a returner this year, but I'd like to see him break away this weekend.

Have any Utes fans splurged on this?

BENGALS at BILLS (-5.5) 

The Bungles almost blew it last week to Tyler Huntley and the Ravens until Huntley blew the game with a fumble. Felt horrible for him.

This should be an awesome game. Burrow vs Allen. What more could you want?

COWBOYS at 49ERS (-4)

Dirty Purdy vs Dirty Dak. This is a great 90's matchup. I think most of Southern Utah is going to go with the 49ers. Where do the 49ers rank in the highest fan bases in Utah? Behind the Broncos?

Good luck everybody!

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