Taylor Swift is one of the top 10 country music acts in the nation right now and it got me thinking, of all her songs, what's the most famous one about our great state?

Now, we know that the Beach Boys sang a song called "Salt Lake City" because they loved Utah. The song was all about not going too far and avoiding chewing tobacco and it was a big hit and they performed it Lagoon almost every summer. And then some of them went and swam in the Great Salt Lake and nobody ever saw them again.

And we know that the Grateful Dead sang a song about getting lost in Utah in "cave up in the hills" but who can listen to that crap?

And then we know that Bob Dylan wrote a song mumbling about Utah but he could have been saying something else the museum is still sorting it out.

But the song that I care most about is the one Taylor Swift sings because she's one of the most famous ladies in the country right now up there with Michelle Obama and Laura Bush. And Swift sings a song that according to The Economic Times is about an experience she had in Utah:

"Out Of The Woods," one of 1989's most memorable songs, is said to have involved Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and an ill-fated ski trip to Park City, Utah. According to fans, Swift describes an anxious relationship in the song, one marked by a continual question: "Are we out of the woods yet?"

Wow I had no idea that "Out of the Woods" was about that group of teenie boppers struggling to find parking at a ski resort in Park City.

I'm gonna go listen to it right now! Thanks for reading!

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