I had a watch party at my house for the college football playoffs.

It was a complete sausage fest. There were about 12 dudes and only 3-4 women. And the whole time the women said a combined 15 words. They put out the food, they probably cleaned up most of the crap afterwards.


And I just don't understand why women like men. Men are disgusting, hairy, selfish animals.


Why do women agree to being in relationships with men. I can't figure it out. They do all of the stuff that doesn't show up in the box score and have to live with a disgusting man while they do it. Yet without them the whole world wouldn't exist...

They're like offensive lineman. They do the grunt work, sacrifice themselves every play for the quarterback and is it even fun? Do they even enjoy it? Yet without them we wouldn't have football.
Deion Sanders. Love him. I think he's going to win eight games his second season at Colorado. But let me tell you why he'll never win the conference...like I don't understand women, Deion doesn't understand linemen. He can't. He is the spotlight-iest, flashiest star in history. Linemen work on humility, sacrifice, team over everything, they don't get to dance like Deion:

Deion on offense! (Dancing while he runs)

I have no doubt Deion is going to win games and make Colorado much better than they are. But he's not going to win the big one, because you need the BIG ONES to do that.

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