I've never seen anything like this before.

This is a clip from when Deion was still at Jackson State...

Deion has a player who's screwed-up. Now, usually when a coach throws a kid off the team he has a little discretion, but Deion goes full-dictator-mode here.

Before he calls for a vote from the team, he asks the room what he should do. One of the coaches says something like "take some more time." Deion dismisses that idea. The kid's already been given a lot of chances.

One of the kid's teammates says "don't dismiss a family member."

Another one says, "if you have a cancer you should get rid of the cancer (!)"

This is all in front of the kid.

Deion calls for a stand-up vote from the team asking them if they want him to stay or not. More players stand-up and vehemently stand-up when he asks if the player should be gone. So Deion tells the kid to get out on the spot.

Part of me loves this. Everything is out in the public. You let the team decide. There's no confusion afterwards and nobody can hide afterwards from the decision they made. They can't tell their teammate they wanted him because he saw the majority vote against him.

I know the other argument is that this is a kid. You're embarrassing him publicly, and not only is it in a team meeting, it's in a team meeting that is being filmed and is going to be out for the world to see.

Is Deion in the wrong here?

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